Watching Meb over these years, I feel he really runs within himself and knows what he can do on a given day. London is a great example. He ran his race and reeled people in to claim an unexpected 4th. Seeing this performance, is it possible his 2013 NYC Marathon was more just the collection of his appearance fee and… » 4/22/14 2:10pm Yesterday 2:10pm

Politics at its most cynical is about deception. But at its core is about the discussion of the governance of people. When people of science check out from the discussion, they take their rational and learned minds away from politics, and thus we're ruled more by the deception you fear. People of science not engaging… » 4/07/14 12:31pm 4/07/14 12:31pm

Gov. Sam Brownback Is Conquering Kansas. The Rest of America Is Next


In February, a story about Franton, Kansas, made the rounds on Facebook. "38-year-old Johnny Quinns-Smith wanted to get an egg-salad sandwich for himself and his fiancé, Erique Boltzman," it read. "He went to his local diner, a place where he and Boltzman had occasionally ate over the past six years. But today,… » 4/02/14 5:42pm 4/02/14 5:42pm

The Playboy Interview: Stan Lee on Superheroes, Marvel and Being Just…


At 91 Stan Lee is what you might call a superhero emeritus. His epic adventures are mostly behind him and his powers are on the wane. (He can't hear or see so well, and a pacemaker regulates his heart.) But the comic-book writer who dreamed up Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four still works … » 3/31/14 3:22pm 3/31/14 3:22pm

WAR, What Is It Good For? Has Sabermetrics Pushed Out Casual Fans?

As the 2011 baseball season meandered through its first month, I wasn't very engaged. Frankly, I'd been a shitty fan. Living 2,800 miles from my hometown team, the Seattle Mariners, bred complacency. So when I saw that Jonah Keri was planning to interview Dave Cameron (U.S.S. Mariner!) on his podcast, I thought, let's… » 3/31/14 10:30am 3/31/14 10:30am

The Boozy Ice Cream Shake That Doesn’t Suck


I've been known to poke fun at my father's drinking stories. Especially his tales of over-consuming blended ice cream Brandy Alexanders back in the 1980s. The classically trained bartender in me thought such a concoction should go the way of jorts and REO Speedwagon. » 3/27/14 4:13pm 3/27/14 4:13pm

High Productivity: Weed As a Performance-Enhancing Drug At the Office

The sun was rising on a Friday morning when Jordyn realized something was off. "My boyfriend woke me up—probably around five in the morning," she says. The look on his face was stoned panic. "He was like, 'Jordyn, I'm so sorry to do this, but I need you to know how high I am.' I had never seen him so nervous before." » 3/26/14 3:13pm 3/26/14 3:13pm

The Man Who Had to Choose Between His Judicial Career and Comedy Dream


So here's Vince Sicari, just north of Times Square, telling jokes at four in the afternoon. It's one of those hospital-gray days when New York City spits in your face. At the famous comedy club Carolines on Broadway, down a flight of stairs, behind thick black curtains, Vince is hosting the happy-hour set. The room… » 3/26/14 12:52pm 3/26/14 12:52pm