Gov. Sam Brownback Is Conquering Kansas. The Rest of America Is Next

In February, a story about Franton, Kansas, made the rounds on Facebook. "38-year-old Johnny Quinns-Smith wanted to get an egg-salad sandwich for himself and his fiancé, Erique Boltzman," it read. "He went to his local diner, a place where he and Boltzman had occasionally ate over the past six years. But today,… »4/02/14 5:42pm4/02/14 5:42pm


The Playboy Interview: Stan Lee on Superheroes, Marvel and Being Just Another Pretty Face

At 91 Stan Lee is what you might call a superhero emeritus. His epic adventures are mostly behind him and his powers are on the wane. (He can't hear or see so well, and a pacemaker regulates his heart.) But the comic-book writer who dreamed up Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four still… »3/31/14 3:22pm3/31/14 3:22pm

The Boozy Ice Cream Shake That Doesn’t Suck


I've been known to poke fun at my father's drinking stories. Especially his tales of over-consuming blended ice cream Brandy Alexanders back in the 1980s. The classically trained bartender in me thought such a concoction should go the way of jorts and REO Speedwagon. »3/27/14 4:13pm3/27/14 4:13pm

High Productivity: Weed As a Performance-Enhancing Drug At the Office

The sun was rising on a Friday morning when Jordyn realized something was off. "My boyfriend woke me up—probably around five in the morning," she says. The look on his face was stoned panic. "He was like, 'Jordyn, I'm so sorry to do this, but I need you to know how high I am.' I had never seen him so nervous before." »3/26/14 3:13pm3/26/14 3:13pm

The Man Who Had to Choose Between His Judicial Career and Comedy Dream


So here's Vince Sicari, just north of Times Square, telling jokes at four in the afternoon. It's one of those hospital-gray days when New York City spits in your face. At the famous comedy club Carolines on Broadway, down a flight of stairs, behind thick black curtains, Vince is hosting the happy-hour set. The room… »3/26/14 12:52pm3/26/14 12:52pm

Tommy2Stix Stands Up: The Rapper Who Needs Marijuana More Than Most

I've only known Tommy2Stix for a few hours, but he's already commandeering my car stereo. "Can I play my new track for you?" he asks, plucking the auxiliary cable from my phone and plugging it into his own before I can answer. It's a Tuesday afternoon in February, and we're driving through Hollywood on the way to the… »3/25/14 10:11pm3/25/14 10:11pm

UPDATE: Digital Isolation—Not Porn Addiction—Is Why Millennial Men Can't Date

Even Miley Cyrus blames it on porn. "[Miley's] reluctance to trust has made dating fraught since she and the 24-year-old Australian actor Liam Hemsworth ended their one-year engagement last September," Ronan Farrow wrote in the February issue of W magazine. "'Guys watch too much porn,' she confides, absently prodding… »3/25/14 10:02pm3/25/14 10:02pm

The Comedic Duo of Bob and Naomi Odenkirk


Bob Odenkirk examines the smörgåsbord of desserts that line a long wooden dining room table—espresso cupcakes, chocolate peanut-butter balls, pumpkin bread, triple chocolate caramel cookies and doughnuts among them. Like everyone else around him, he ignores the chocolate chunk cookies with a white card in front of… »3/13/14 1:49pm3/13/14 1:49pm

The Playboy Mansion As You've Never Seen It

Last April, we sent photographer Jeff Minton, perhaps the only man ever to shoot for Thrasher and the New Yorker, to the Playboy Mansion for the better part of a week. His assignment: Lend his irreverent eye to one of the most famous addresses on Earth. In all, he took nearly 4,000 photos—i.e., no detail, no matter… »3/11/14 2:32pm3/11/14 2:32pm

The Iron Sheik's Wrestling Rise, Drug-Fueled Fall and Twitter Rebirth


He hates Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Sprite, Tony Romo, the Ultimate Warrior, North Korea and Mondays and considers Oprah Winfrey, Peyton Manning, Sarah Silverman and Garth Brooks the "Real Bubba." After years of wrestling foes and demons, the Iron Sheik is off the mat and feistier than ever. »3/10/14 12:54pm3/10/14 12:54pm

Malcolm X: A Candid Conversation with the Civil Rights Leader

In February, America celebrates Black History Month. As such, each Monday this month Playboy SFW will re-publish seminal interviews with 1960s civil rights leaders. This week, we feature our May 1963 conversation with Malcolm X. Enjoy the story in its entirety, and to read every article the magazine has ever… »2/17/14 5:58pm2/17/14 5:58pm

It's Valentine's Day. Have a Heart... To Eat

Superficially at least, eating beef heart would seem like more of a gross-out gag than a gastronomic pleasure. (Zombies and Andrew Zimmern notwithstanding.) And yet, like most superficial assumptions, the idea that beef heart is gruesome as opposed to delicious is completely wrong. It's both remarkably lean (about 95… »2/14/14 3:04pm2/14/14 3:04pm

Aphrodisiac-Infused Cocktails, the Perfect Drinks for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine's Day, the shopworn option for a romantic drink is grabbing a bottle of red wine and calling it good. Honestly, that's kind of boring. We set out to find a more exciting option for February 14, and came across a bartender cleverly infusing cocktails with aphrodisiacs. Lucky for us, he was willing to share… »2/13/14 1:44pm2/13/14 1:44pm

Cuckolded: Why Do So Many Men Fantasize About Their Wives Cheating on Them?


A muscular, middle-aged guy comes home with one of his friends. Together, they approach his hot wife, who happens to be lying on the couch and wearing the shortest dress she owns. She forgot to wear underwear. Again. The husband makes a proposition: Turns out, he's always fantasized about watching her have sex with… »2/11/14 1:16pm2/11/14 1:16pm

Drake's Sensitivity Isn't Sincere, It's a Cynical Ploy. But It's Working

Contrary to revisionist history, rap music has had a soft side since its inception. Even back in the 1990s, during the genre's grittiest era, rappers still churned out ballads that would make Babyface proud—such as Method Man's "You're All I need" with Mary J. Blige or Raekwon jumping on Jodeci's "Freek'N You." LL… »1/17/14 2:54pm1/17/14 2:54pm